SK-II Signs Review: A Truly Flawed Product

Product's Name: SK-II Signs
Well Known Brand
Possible Side Effects
No Money Back
Bottom Line : 1.5 /5 - Terrible

Reviewed by: Debra Torveny on September 30, 2012

This cream doesn't come with money back guarantee so think twice before you buy it.

Ranked as the worst product @ Please do not buy this cream since there might be possible side effects

  • The Worst Cream
  • ?? Days Money Back

Full Review

In order for you to improve your overall appearance and make it more youthful, you will want to purchase a product that can improve the look of the skin surrounding your eyes.

There are quite a number of products that can help address problems with age lines or wrinkles. The availability of these products is definitely a good thing. Who would want to see their eyes always embody an aged look?

While there are quite a number of products that claim to improve your appearance, I am sad to report that not all the products on the market are all that great. Some are downright disappointing.

I have written this SK-II Signs review to point out you just cannot rely on all the claims this particular eye cream makes. It really is not that great and there are definitely better name brands you can purchase.


The Main Problem Is You Do Not Get What You Expect From It

In my SK-II Signs review I have to point out that this is not a product that will do what you are hoping that it does. For those with dark circles around the eyes, excess puffiness or age lines, there will be a strong desire to procure a product that can eliminate these problems.

That means you must purchase a product that can work in harmony with the body in order to deliver on the expected result. In a nutshell, you will not find that SK-II Signs is a product that does what it claims to. Simply put, it is a weak product.


The Cream Tries to Be Different But Fails Miserably

Creativity in a skincare product is to be commended when it results in a viable new product that brings something new, innovative and successful to the market. With SK-II Signs, the product does try to be something new but the end result is less than effective.

Basically, a host of new ingredients that are not common with other eye cream products are mixed into this brand. On the surface, this would seem to be very positive since new ingredients would indicate some revolutionary new product that can achieve better results than any other product currently on the market.

While this makes for a great story, the reality of the true narrative is much different. For new products to work they must be clinically tested to show that they actually can deliver the results they claim.

One very serious red flag about this particular product is that it has never undergone any clinical tests. While it is true that not each and every quality product has undergone clinical testing, a great many of them have.

When you are not sure of the quality of a particular eye cream, clinical testing can provide insight into whether or not the product will do what its marketing claims.

You won’t find a SK-II Signs review that notes the product has been clinically tested. The reason you won’t see such information in a review is because it has not been clinically tested. New ingredients and no third party tests? That is not a good indicator of quality.


The Reviews Of This Eye Cream Have Been Less Than Stellar

Another dire sign about the quality of this particular eye cream would be the fact that customer reviews have been downright negative.

You can’t really expect all the reviews of a particular product will be positive as some customers will be unhappy with the results they experience. This would be true of any and all skincare creams.

That said, when the bulk of the reviews and testimonials are saying negative things then you are looking at a product you should skip.


The Cost

The cost of this eye cream is enormously high in comparison to other better products on the market. Why make such a huge investment in an eye cream that won’t work as expected?



    • This eye cream is fairly easy to apply
    • Easy online ordering



    • The product is a very weak one that does not work as expected
    • Extremely costly
    • Not everyone is interested in purchasing a product online



There are quite a number of products available online or in retail stores that can address problems associated with puffiness and age lines around the eyes. SK-II Signs claims to be one of them but it is a great disappoint.

Actually, it is a huge disappointment and is not a product that is likely to work. Don’t waste your money on it. Look for a legitimate product capable of actually delivering results. I recommend you to check out products review section at If you would like to try the products that actually work.

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