What Are The Causes Of Adult Acne And How Can They Be Reversed?


“I am forty years old and I still have acne!”

Yes, there are men and women that exclaim this statement incredulously. Anyone that is an adult and suffers from acne might think they are alone with their condition. This is not the case. Adults do suffer from the stubborn and troubling presence of acne.


Adult Acne Is More Common Than You Think

If there was a major myth about acne it would be the notion that only teenagers can get it. Actually, there are scores upon scores of myths surrounding the onset of acne breakouts.

These myths truly can be troubling since they help contribute to the spread of misinformation which is definitely NOT helpful when a person wishes to reverse the presence of acne on the skin.

For those that may be a little older, here is a little insight into what might be causing those shocking acne breakouts on your skin. Once you understand a few of the causes of adult acne, you can take the steps to reverse its presence.




As much as we prefer not to accept the fact, the truth is genetics can play a major factor in whether or not acne is experienced as an adult. Those that are genetically predisposed to having acne might discover it stays with them well into adulthood.



Clogged pores cause blackheads and pimples to appear on the skin. When the temperature changes and becomes humid, you will discover breakouts on the arms, back and face are possible. This is why you have to wash yourself with anti-acne, anti-bacterial soap on those hot and humid days.


Sweating After A Workout

Here is some very critical advice: if you workout a lot and end up sweating heavy, the minute you are down with the workout, shower all the sweat off and change your shirt. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET HOME!

All that sweat is carrying pore clogging bacteria. You need to get it off your skin as soon as you can. While you may have a busy life and are in a constant rush, not cleaning up after working out is definitely one of the common causes of adult acne. As such, you do need to take the proper steps to wash off any sweat.


Picking On Small Acne Blemishes

You might not want to accept this but the truth remains anyone that squeezes, pops or picks at the presence of acne on the skin will contribute to it spreading. If you have one or two little pimples on the skin and you pick at them, you will create more pimples. If you pick at those new pimples, you will find your blemishes spread even more.


Not Using The Right Soap

There are special soaps designed for people that have to deal with acne breakouts. Cleaning yourself with such special soap is advised since it will reduce acne breakouts. Again, acne is the result of bacteria and killing off the bacteria can dramatically reduce the potential for an acne breakout occurring.


You May Wish To Visit Your Dermatologist

When acne is very severe, you will find that the only way to get rid of it would be to visit a dermatologist. Frequently, a dermatologist can provide the appropriate treatment for dealing with serious adult acne breakouts.


A Product To Address Moderate Amounts Of Adult Acne

When your acne breakout is moderate, there are over the counter products that can be effectively employed to address the issue.

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