How To Use Argan Oil The Right Way


Is there really much to know about how to use argan oil? Honestly, the way to use argan oil is about as straight forward as can be but there are a few additional points you should be well aware of.


On Buying Argan Oil

You have purchased a bottle of argan oil and deserve a little praise. Many people will spend a lot of money on products that supposedly can help improve their skin. They may be sold on a number of esoteric claims about proprietary blends possessing the unique ability to deliver results. Claims, they soon discover, are not the same thing as results.

The very simple and natural product of argan oil can deliver results. You do, however, must be able to use it properly.


On How to Use Argan Oil….Simplified

The most basic way to use argan oil would be to dab a couple of drops on the surface area of the skin where you want the oil to work its magic. Then, all you have to do is gently rub the oil into the skin. That is about all you need to know.

Actually, if you are hoping to use argan oil on your hair, you have to be sure you rub it is so that the oil reaches its way deep into the scalp. If the oil remains on the hair, it will end up drying out on the strands of the hair. The end result of that is you would not gain the benefits of the oil which defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.

Just a Few Dabs…Always

Two or three dabs is generally all you need. You do not want to sop your skin with it. Again, excess never makes it way into the skin and ends up drying out in the air. They neither benefits your skin nor your budget since you end up wasting a lot of what you paid for.

Use the Oil on a Daily Basis

Try to apply a few drops once every day. Do this consistently all throughout the week. When you are inconsistent with your use of the oil, you won’t find you get the greatest amount of benefit from it you should.

There will be those times when you miss a regular dose. This is not a problem. You just need to get back on the right schedule the next day. However, if you get into the habit of missing recommended doses, you will never get the benefit out of it you should.


Look For Argan Oil That Comes In A Dropper

For those seriously concerned about how to use argan oil properly, look for those bottles of oil that come with a dropper. The dropper comes with a host of benefits. Among them would be the fact that dropper reduces the amount of waste as no excess oil is used unnecessarily.

You also get pinpoint precision when using a dropper. You always want the oil to go where it is supposed to go or else you end up wasting some of it. Obviously, that is not a good thing and you should try to cut back on waste as much as possible.


When In Doubt Follow The Directions On The Bottle

Always make sure you check out the directions on the bottle when you are wondering how to use Argan oil properly. The manufacturer will surely provide all the needed directions to ensure you apply the oil in the right way.


The Top Brand

Among the best brands would be Skinception Argan Oil. It has received excellent reviews and offers a quality product worth looking closer at.


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March 2, 2013

Argan oil health benefits @ 10:23 pm #

Moroccan oil is famous in skin care and hair care, but it is an excellent addition to cooking. Pure argan oil has many health benefits including a high vitamin E content and a variety of essential fatty acids. It is traditionally used in the cuisine of the indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco, and they also know about its health-giving and medicinal properties.

January 13, 2014

Aghsane @ 2:49 pm #

Argan oil is an excellent cosmetic body skin care, indeed

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