Classic Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes


No one would ever want to walk around throughout the day with the presence of dark circles under the eyes. However, they will appear if your lifestyle is one that contributes to the development of dark circles.

Those that don’t drink enough water, eat a poor diet, or are just not getting the right amount of sleep will notice dark circles are appearing and they do not exactly look very attractive. Those that do suffer from such problems will be very pleased to learn there are home remedies for dark circles under eyes. For many, this is quite good news.


The Natural Approach is Often the Preferred Approach

Why are home remedies for dark circles under eyes welcome by so many?

Basically, home remedies are natural remedies and a growing number of people are far more interested in treatments that are natural in design. Sure, there is always the option that you can seek a doctor’s help to have dark circles removed but if you opt for the plastic surgery approach you would be undergoing a very invasive strategy.

Who really would want to deal with that when an alternative exists?

There are quite a number of cosmetic products sold on store shelves that offer a treatment for dark circles. There is nothing wrong with these products per se but they do come with a cost.

Not everyone wants to spend huge sums for products that might not even deliver the expected results. Worse yet, the store bought products might contain synthetic ingredients which many would prefer to avoid.

Once you take these factors into consideration, home remedies for dark circles under eyes become much more appealing. So. let’s take a closer look at what they are.

Home Remedies – The Popular Ones

Have you ever watched an old movie or television show and saw the image of someone sleeping with cucumber slices on the eyes? You don’t see that anymore because the running joke became somewhat of a cliche.

    • That said, in the real world, putting cucumbers under the eyes can help eliminate the presence of dark circles. The antioxidants in the cucumbers definitely can help reverse the presence of dark circles which is why this method still remains a popular one.

You also can use a substitute for the cucumber.This substitute would be the potato. Or, more accurately, you would substitute potato slices in place of the cucumbers. And no, you do not need to sleep with the slices on your eyes. You only have to wear them for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash the sticky “juice” off with water.

    • Speaking of water, if you drink about 8 full glasses of water every day, you will find that you won’t see as significant of a presence of dark circles under the eyes. Often, lack of proper hydration contributes to the annoying presence of dark circles under the eyes.

As long as you hydrate yourself better, you will find the presence of those dark circles begins to diminish.

    • Almond oil would be another excellent substance which may help get rid of dark circles under the eyes. In prior generations, almond oil was not very easy to find and purchase. These days, you can always search for and purchase almond oil online.

Once you buy it and it arrives, you can then use it to reverse the presence of those annoying dark circles.

    • Did you know that tea bags can also be placed on the eyes for the purpose of eliminating dark circles. This might not be the most appealing or attractive of the home remedies for dark circles under eyes, but it just might deliver results. Most people would be more interested in results so why not give the tea bag process a try?

There are quite a number of home remedies for dark circles under eyes. While some might be skeptical about how effective these methods are, others rave about their effectiveness. Why not take a chance with these methods and see how they work for yourself?

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