What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes? Five Common Problems


Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed the presence of dark circles under your eyes? If you have then you probably where not all that thrilled to see them. They definitely are distracting to the appearance and they can also prove very frustrating to get rid of.

Generally, the first question someone will ask when he or she sees dark circles under their eyes is “How can I get rid of them?” There is another question that should be asked: “How did I get these dark circles in the first place?”

Asking this question is definitely an important one because once you know what causes dark circles under the eyes, you can take preventive maintenance steps to avoid developing dark circles in the first place.


Common Issues Can Cause Dark Circles Under the Eyes

There really is no serious, mysterious cause for the development of dark circles under the eyes. Some might wonder what could possibly be wrong with them that could cause dark circles to appear. The answer is nothing may be wrong. Rather, a few poor lifestyle and nutrition choices could be leading to the onset of dark circles.


Lack of Sleep

Without a doubt, not getting enough sleep can be considered the most common reason people end up with dark circles under the eyes. You can only go so long denying yourself the proper amount of rest until you stay showing the negative results of your actions.

Rather than continuing to push yourself, you are well advised to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This can be tough sometimes but you must make a committed effort to do so if you displaying dark circles under your eyes.


Lack of Proper Hydration

The classic notion that drinking 8 full glasses of water each day is a must for maintaining optimal health has a lot of merit to it. A lack of proper hydration can have all manner of physiological and metabolic ripple effects.

One of which, as you have probably guessed by now, would be a lack of water can lead to what causes dark circles under the eyes. Consider this another vital reason why you should always take the steps to remain properly hydrated….among many other important ones.


Dietary Choices

If you are eating a poor diet that is loaded with processed sugars and is high in saturated fat, your body is going to show the results of such actions. While a bad diet may not be the only contributor to dark circles under the eyes, it definitely can be considered one of the top contributors.



Yes, allergies can lead you to suffering from the presence of dark circles under the eyes. You might not be able to get rid of your allergies easily, but you can minimize their effects. You may also wish to limit your exposure to the things you are allergic to.



Drinking alcohol ties in with the aforementioned point about how lack of water can lead to what causes dark circlesunder the eyes. Alcohol has the potential to dehydrate you when taken in excess. The same can be said of caffeine in coffee.

Actually, in addition to the dehydration potential of caffeine,it can also lead to sleeplessness which is another contributor to dark circles that was previously mentioned.


Preventive Maintenance Goes A Long Way

It is always much easier to prevent a problem from occurring than it is to try and cure the problem once it has manifested. Knowing what causes dark circles under the eyes can definitely help as far as helping you take the steps that can prevent them from manifesting.

If the problem never arises then it isn’t a problem. You may even wish to purchase Eyelasticity as a helpful treatment method. Eyelasticity could prove to be the most helpful products for dealing with these annoying dark circles.

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